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Selecting the best cabinet material for your home!

A classic oak cabinets stained with a beautiful chocolate brown.  So far we have talked a lot about style, trends, and processes. Now it is time to learn more about the materials involved in your custom cabinet construction. Choosing the right material for your cabinets will not just impact the overall look but it will also determine how your cabinets will withstand the daily routine and use!  When you begin the creative process of custom cabinets, choosing the main material used for your cabinets will be one of the first decisions you make! It may seem simple or even easy, but there is a lot more to consider than what meets the eye.  This kitchen used two different materials. The white cabinets are HDF and the island is Alder.  To help you throughout the process we created a simple list of terms of materials that are used in cabinetry construction. These terms will help you understand how custom cabinets are built.  Materials Used In Cabinetry Construction Mate

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