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Choosing a cabinet style

What is your style choice? When you begin to create a design plan for your home, we encourage you to browse the home decor websites, magazines and social media. This way, you can begin to narrow in on the style choices that draw you in. While you research, study the images that intrigue you. Are your drawn to the clean, minimalist style or traditional more ornate? Or maybe you wish to be in the middle. Everyone has a style that they naturally gravitate to. It is important for you to determine which one is for you and to stay true to what you love when designing a space. You will be spending a large amount of time in your home, so make it a space you love! To help you understand some style categories, find some of the most popular selections below. 

Contemporary Forming a space that is truly contemporary takes a level of restraint and dedication to keep this a clean, minimal look. In custom cabinetry there are a lot of little details to consider, such as molding, hardware, door profiles…

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