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Building the Perfect Home Office

Whether you work from home or you just need a work space to use, a home office is a great addition to your space. Depending on your occupation, hobbies or goals having the right desk, chair, storage and lighting will make your space ergonomically efficient and organized.  When we create a custom home office we follow these tips to design a beautifully functional area that makes productivity easy!

Cabinets and Furniture Adding custom cabinetry will give you the freedom to maximize your storage space and create an aesthetic that is gorgeous and functional. When choosing cabinets and furniture for your space it is important to select the right desk height and the chair that will accommodate it! Since the desk is often the most used space in a home office you want it to be comfortable for your needs. Also make sure the desk is large enough to offer yourself adequate arm room and to hold your equipment at the same time. With that being said you should approximate the size of the desk you wish …

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